Autocrossing an Icon

It seems like jumping back into autocross is the “theme of the day” on StartingGrid.

Two weeks ago, I decided that I wanted to expand my driving experience by going to events in new and different cars. Getting a better feeling of machines with different characteristics will really help to increase my adaptability.

Plus it’s just a hell of a lot of fun.

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Project Kyoko- Not the lapping day that I was expecting

This was not how I expected for Kyoko to sit for most of the day…

So after spending Saturday at the indoor karting track, I decided to spend Sunday on the outdoor kart track driving Kyoko. I had heard that PGP Motorsports Park had started a new membership for Lapping Day drivers, and I wanted to get myself one.

After dropping of Kasumi’s old rear spoiler to a fellow Miata friend, so he could work on his ‘Panda-bear’ project (more on that later), I decided I head down to get my membership. Figured while I was down there, I would take a few laps.

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Passing thought: BMW M3 (E46)

As much as we love talking about lightweight roadsters, and mid engined cars around here, sometimes we would just like a hint of comfort.

Not too much though. We might get used to it. 😉 Enter the E46. The last of the straight-six M3. Something about this car reminds us that you can have a fun lapping day car, and drive it home afterwards.

Not as many pictures here, because it is a passing thought, but we do love us some M3.

BMW M3 in action on tarmac – with pure engine sounds

Who can say no to this? Not us. Again, props to Amjayes and his rally channel. 10 minutes of smiles.

We love these cars, and all of us have talked about owning one in the near future. Here is how our one of our street ones will look.

“So fresh and so clean clean…”