|Video|#f1 Interview with Derek Warwick

If you love all aspects of Formula 1, you need to listen to this interview with Derek Warwick. It’s a bit long, but to glean so much insight from a well known driver of the sport, is worth the time.
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|Video| What will a 2014 #F1 car look like?

In 2014, Formula 1 is going through one of the largest technical regulation changes in the series. We all know about the change from the 2.4 V8 engine to the 1.6 Liter V6 turbo “power unit”. (Click here to hear the Mercedes V6 turbo on the dyno.)

However, there are other aerodynamic and physical changes to the car that people may not know about, just simply described.

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|Photo + Formula 1| Enter the E21 #f1


Next to my birthday and Christmas, this is one of my favorite times of the year. The time has finally arrived for Formula 1 teams to begin revealing their cars for the 2013 race season.

Lotus F1 hit the ground running first by releasing the E21. Last year’s car brought the Kimi to third overall in the driver’s championship, so the team is looking to do better in the coming season.

Click the jump below to see a replay of the live launch of the car. (Skip to 8:19, if you just want to see the car unveiled.)
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|Video| First lap of the Circuit of the Americas (Lotus #F1)

This weekend, Lotus held an event at the newly opened Circuit of the Americas in Austin, TX to celebrate the sport’s return to the United States this November. Up until now, the only images that we were able to see of the track were from the Codemaster’s F1 2012 game.

Thankfully, Jerome D’ambrosio was nice enough to show everyone around. ūüėČ I’m so looking forward to the November race. It’s going to be mega.

|Auto Webfind| – VW R32 Powered Lotus Elise

I’ve decided that this car is absolutely brilliant!

Although the S1 Lotus is still up on the all-time list of driver’s cars, the K-Series Rover engine that powered it was always the weakpoint of the platform.  The engine was generally inexpensive, but you always pay later when you start cheap. Stories go of drivers having to replace heads and massive oil-leaks, even at low-mileages.

So, what do you do when you have a lightweight mid-engine car, but you need more reliable power? Swap the motor, of course. The 3.2 liter from the VW R32 wouldn’t have been my first thought, as far as a list of engines, but I praise the originality!

Now, I found this car via a German website. I don’t understand German, but the language of ‘automobile’ is always universal.

|Opinion| Does the new Lotus Exige sound innovative or boring?

Last year, I posted about how I thought that the new cars developed by Group Lotus has lost its motoring ethos by wandering away from developing lightweight sports cars. Personally, I still believe that Danny Behar has corrupted the Lotus brand, not only in the motoring industry and in the motorsport world as well.

Listen to Chris Harris speaking about the new Lotus. (Sidenote-¬†I love Chris, but this video feels like a¬†Jeremy Clarkson overglorification look-alike.)¬†At times, he makes it sound like the car could drive itself out of the corner by itself. Although that is a¬†kudos¬†to the new driver-assist aids developed in the new Exige, it begs the question. –¬†“Is that something that you want in a Lotus?”

Maybe in other cars.¬† When I think Lotus though, I don’t want to think about driver assists. That’s what Audis are for.

Kimi Raikkonen tests in #F1 R30 Renault for 2012 return (Video)

I’ve been pretty busy, so I haven’t had the time to finish some of the posts that I have in the queue. However, I didn’t want you guys to miss out on seeing some exciting Formula 1 news!

Since Kimi¬†Raikkonen¬†is returning to Formula 1 in 2012, Lotus has been able to prepare a pre-race test for the ‘Iceman’. Kimi¬†spent the day driving a 2010 spec car with 2011 Pirelli tires, in order to get used to modern-F1 tires and help the 2007 get back up to speed more quickly.

Thrilling stuff to see a sixth world champion join the F1 Grid this year. I cannot wait for the season to start!

The Iceman- In for his #F1 seat fitting (Photo)

I don’t know about you, but I’m super excited to hear about Kimi¬†R√§ikk√∂nen’s return to Formula 1, racing for Lotus (formerly Lotus-Renault GP).

Check out the expression on Kimi’s¬†face. Do you think that he’s excited about¬†his Formula 1 return?¬†How could you not be?