|Video| Mclaren #F1 Cartoons?

I can dig it. Plus Mclaren has to be able to laugh at something, with the slipping form that the real F1 team has been having in recent races. I’m surprised this cartoon didn’t mention anything about pit-stops.

Note: I also know that the website is rendering incorrectly. I’m doing my best to figure out the error, and hopefully I’ll have everything back up to speed soon!

Mclaren’s Lewis and Jenson as fashion photographers: Funny stuff!

Mclaren have classically come up with some interesting commercials with their Formula 1 drivers. Lewis and Jenson have built their own F1 car, raced slot cars and gone camping. Now they’re photographers and they are running their own photo shoot!  Another video that just makes you chuckle.

Some classic lines here.