|Video| Sebastian Vettel on David Letterman

Last night, Sebastian Vettel was on David Letterman, since Formula 1 was in the New Jersey area checking out the prospective 2013 road course track. Normally I’d be cool with an interview, but two things have been brought to my attention about David Letterman during this interview that got me really heated.

  1. He actually understands nothing about racing cars…or Formula 1…or race tracks. Sadly, Letterman does nothing to promote the USGP that is coming later this year. All he does is rant about Indianapolis. (IndyCar doesn’t work very well there, in my opinion, so we should keep F1 away from Indianapolis as much as possible… Austin is just fine, thanks! Dorknozzle…)
  2. As an interviewer, he is just…a really annoying old man. (Retire, please?)

But really, I don’t care all that much about talk show hosts. I just want to hear about racing.  😉