|Video|#f1 Interview with Derek Warwick

If you love all aspects of Formula 1, you need to listen to this interview with Derek Warwick. It’s a bit long, but to glean so much insight from a well known driver of the sport, is worth the time.
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|Trailer|- “Truth in 24 II”= Mega news!

In 2009, Audi released a documentary called ‘Truth in 24’, which highlighted their attempt to win the 24 Hours of LeMans outright. The titanic battle between Audi and Peugeot came to such worldwide acclaim that a second one will be released later this year. Super psyched!

Click here if you want to view original ‘Truth in 24’.

Toyota picks up the pieces to release latest LMP1 driver line-up

Toyota has decided to enter into LMP1 with the TS030 HYBRID. With several manufacturers refreshing their driver line-ups, Toyota had a pick of quality drivers for 2012.

Anthony Davidson, who was dropped by Peugeot during their exit of the sport,  and former F1 driver Sebastien Buemi will be supporting Hiroaki Ishiura.

Will Toyota be able to take the fight to Audi R18 in LMP1?  We shall see.


What do you think?: Peugeot leaving LeMans may make the sport better for everyone…

The snowstorm of last week really threw off any posting efforts that I had, since I didn’t have access to constant internet. However when I finally got back to the modern world, I found myself hit with some shocking automotive news.

Peugeot had canceled it’s LeMans program. (They did it without consulting me first. That’s the real shocking part.)

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Lola Racing Cars in F1; Where did it go so wrong?

For readers of Autosport, you know this question. But it’s not the whole story. You might say that Lola had some of the worst F1 cars to date, but when did you ever decide to build a racing car on a £2 million budget?

Lola did, and it was okay. I will go into every bit of detail regarding the Lola Formula One Team that applied for entry in the 2010 FiA Formula One World Championship – an offer that the FiA refused.

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Video- Audi Victory @ 24Hr of LeMans

2011 had one of the more intense 24 Hours of LeMans in recent history. McNish suffered a horrible accident, as well as another R18 being totaled during the race. A video has been made which highlights Audi’s struggle over the weekend.

Take a look and see what you think.

Interview with Allan McNish- Post LeMans Crash

Almost two weeks ago, Alain McNish had a sickening crash (video) in his R18 prototype at LeMans. Alain survived the crash, thankfully, and was able to provide an interview of what happened just hours later.

Alain’s safety was ensured thanks to the strong design of the Audi, in an accident that would have killed him 10 years earlier.