Random Snap- ‘Kyoko’ and ‘Panda’

This weekend, a buddy of mine was able to provide a quick pickup on some Miata brake calipers while we were working on the car this weekend. (Turns out that I’m now running Kasumi’s old brake calipers on my Kyoko now. Small world.)

I nicknamed his car ‘Panda’, because of the black and white color combo that he’s running on his NA. He’s also running ‘Kasumi’s’ old rear wing.

Random Snap- Kyoko on the rack

I’ve been doing a lot of daily driving recently, and thus have worn the hell out of the tires on Kyoko. The extra mileage, plus needing an alignment meant that I’d driven the front tires down to cords. Eek! (There is a follow up-story about this, for another post.)

Since tire replacement was pretty much mandatory, I decided that because of all of the commuting I’m doing that my car was going to need some tougher rubber. A fellow autocrosser, and the one who took this photo, works at a tire alignment place near me and was able to help mount new Primewall rubber and get Kyoko aligned.

Since the weekend ended up pretty much being random car-stuff, I’ve got a few other odds and ends to finish up tonight and tomorrow, which I may post on then too.

Project Kyoko- Taking some night photos with a dirty car…

I’ve always felt like cars need to be driven in as many circumstances as possible. As a car guy, I’ve always found myself at conflict with ‘garage-queen’ car guys who treat Honda Civics like Ferrari F40s. I always feel like pictures of hyper-clean cars are more ‘fake’ than cars with a bit of dirt on them.

Therefore, my ride is normally a bit more ragged looking than most. It’s not intentional ,but it’s just a result of the lifestyle that my car exists in. She’s driven daily, normally covering 100 miles a day with my commute. Fortunately, Kyoko is an exciting car to drive so every mile is just a joy.

Granted, I’m not trying to win any car shows. If I were my outlook on car-life would be vastly different though.

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Project Kyoko: Winter Cleaning

Enkei RPF-1s- They need to be cleaned, and new rubber mounted for the summer time

So yesterday, I mounted Kyoko’s winter wheels and loaded her summer shoes into the apartment.  They are Enkei RFP-1s with Toyo Proxes on them. However, since I bought the car in the winter time, I never really got the chance to feel what Proxes drove like in the proper operating temperature.

Regardless, I will take the time to properly clean the wheels now that they are off the car. Also, this gives me some time to figure out what summertime rubber that I will mount on them in the next few months. I’ve been super interested in the Falken RT615-K, so that is always an option. Also, if I know someone who has some used summer rubber, I may just use those depending on the budget when the time comes.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to take some more photos with Kyoko with something more than a cheap camera phone, but for the moment….*click!*