So I was going to do some work…then GYMKHANA 7 happened…

…and so now all of my productivity is gone for about 12 minutes. An 846hp all-wheel drive (So that’s a thing now) Mustang racing through the streets of LA is worth a little Monday morning pick me up, right?

Right? Right. Just watch the video, ok?

Have you seen GYMKHANA SIX?

Having been previewed at SEMA this last weekend, Gymkhana Six just went live on Youtube today. Take a watch, because I know you’d rather see Ken Block do donuts, than read my words 😛

|WRC| Ken Block Video Diary on Prep for Rally Finland

Ken Block is taking seriously his efforts to be competitive in the World Rally Championship. Here’s his video diary on getting ready for Rally Finland. The legendary Ari Vatanen makes an appearance.

Good luck Ken!

Watching Ken Block videos must be what it’s like to be on acid.

I honestly feel that watching Ken Block videos must be what is it like to be on drugs. I mean the hardest drugs you can find.  Seriously, his car control is amazing, but the rest of it is like “WTFOMGSTOPPLZ!”

Except the ape suit thing. That was funny. 😛

Ranting aside. They call it popular for a reason, I guess. His driving is much cleaner than in Gymkhana 3, but I’d rather watch him do a special stage… Although he might roll the car over.

The car does look cool. I just wish Ken Block spent more time training for the WRC rather than doing these videos though.

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