“Send It” NKA Podcast – Christian, Race and I talk about TAG and stuff. #keepkartingfun

Just around the time that COVID quarantine and esports races really picked up, I did a podcast with Christian, and Race Liberante with National Karting Alliance to talk about local and regional kart racing. (Probably because we were all missing our karts)

It was good episode (at least I thought so) and conversation, so I wanted to get this onto the blog.

We also talk about how karting could be using technology and social media more in 2021, to help promote and grow the sport.

I’ve been enlightened to the 206 #keepkartingfun


I’m admitting right now. I’ve been enlightened to the 206.

I say enlightened, because although I’ve known about the engine package for a while now, yesterday was my first race in one. I had no idea what fun I’ve been missing out on!

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