|Video| Lewis Hamilton gives the best interview in one lap ever…of ever ever #F1

People always say that interviews with Formula 1 drivers are boring, and they give canned answers. Well if you put them and the journalist behind the wheel of a car, that problem seems to go away…mostly!

Well played, guys. Entertaining from start to finish.

PS: Lewis can do 80 to 90 push ups? I can do like 30 now before I get tired…

|Video| Sebastian Vettel on David Letterman

Last night, Sebastian Vettel was on David Letterman, since Formula 1 was in the New Jersey area checking out the prospective 2013 road course track. Normally I’d be cool with an interview, but two things have been brought to my attention about David Letterman during this interview that got me really heated.

  1. He actually understands nothing about racing cars…or Formula 1…or race tracks. Sadly, Letterman does nothing to promote the USGP that is coming later this year. All he does is rant about Indianapolis. (IndyCar doesn’t work very well there, in my opinion, so we should keep F1 away from Indianapolis as much as possible… Austin is just fine, thanks! Dorknozzle…)
  2. As an interviewer, he is just…a really annoying old man. (Retire, please?)

But really, I don’t care all that much about talk show hosts. I just want to hear about racing.  😉

Wishing for a hint of honesty in motorsport…

When did it happen that a racing driver was managed more by his PR group, than his own emotions? Do you remember the interviews of Nigel Mansell, James Hunt or Aryton Senna? Those men spoke what they felt, and they made sure that everyone knew it. The classic greats had flair, style and more importantly were more honest than drivers of current.

Look at the interviews of Vettel, Hamilton and even Alonso. They seem pre-written, manufactured and just fake. Sometimes it’s important to measure your response, on behalf of the team or to keep moral high. Other times though, you just need to just speak up and let the world know what you think! Especially when someone has put your life at risk with a stupid move, or a serious mistake has been made.

Maybe it’s because fast racing drivers have become more common, so it’s easy to be replaced. Maybe some people are scared to defend what they actually think. However, we at the “StartingGrid” think that it’s more important for a driver to speak what is on their mind.

Speak honest, and drive honest. We know it’s easier said than done, but we wish it was more common in motorsport, versus the cookiecutter responses that we get now.

At the end of the day, they are the ones who are putting themselves at risk.

Here are some pictures and videos of some classic interviewers and drivers. Just think, when the mike is put in your face, what would you say?