|Technique| Three ways to make the most out of a challenging race weekend

Davin (16)

We’ve all had race weekends, where nothing seems to go right. It happens to every racer at some point. Either you’re off the pace in every session, missing something key on the setup, or the machine just doesn’t seem to want to run correctly. What can be even more infuriating is that you might not have a reason for your performance at the time. It’s just slow!

As a racer, being off the pace and not understanding why is one of the most frustrating scenarios. However, it is important to stay focused, as that track time is still very valuable. If you know how to maximize the opportunities of the situation, you can start to working your way back towards the front of the pack.

Below are three quick tips on how to make the most out of a challenging race weekend:
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|Technique| You don’t have to be a racer to help coach one

A few days ago, I wrote an article about the importance of having a good driving coach, regardless of a driver’s skill level. Soon after, I received a reader comment which resonated with me:

  • “Loved your article on driver coaching. My friend races go-karts. I wish I could help him more, but I’ve never raced a kart myself, so I don’t think I’d be that helpful as coach.” -Reader Comment

This statement could not be any less true. You could be helping coach your driver right now, and you don’t even have to be a racer!

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