|Video| Foxbody HillClimb Drift!

You can’t watch this video and not like it. It’s impossible. Can’t be done.

I’ve seen quite a few hillclimb videos, and this one definately ranks in my top five. Yves Faber taking on the European Hill Race Eschdorf.

Getting it done, sir. Getting it done.

K20 Powered MkII Escort

Wexford 2010 SS6 Graham & Tom Scallan in their TDP prepared MkII Escort.

This car has:

  • TDP Honda K20A engine with TDP Drysump & AT Power Throttle Boddies
  • MoTeC M400 ECU.
  • MakTrak 6 Speed box and TDP Closed Loop Paddle shift system.

Enjoy the video. This is something epic that we’d love to have in our garage.

Lunchtime Video: Climb Dance- Ari Vatanen takes on Pikes Peak in a Peugeot 405 T16

Actually he doesn’t just take it on, he bends it over a table. This is some epic driving. Clearly reminding us, that we’re doing it wrong. 😛

Props to Joe Street on the find for this one.