Michael Schumacher F1’s Career starts and ends with Mercedes Benz

Few people know about this, but Michael Schumacher’s entrance into Formula 1 was supported by Mercedes Benz. In 1990, along with Karl Wendlinger and Heinz-Harald Frentzen, Schumacher joined the World Sports-Prototype Championship. (Basically, he was racing Group C cars).

This was designed to be a strategy, much like Paul Di-Resta’s DTM career, to gain Michael more exposure on an international racing scene. When Michael was provided the opportunity to move into Formula 1 with Jordan, Mercedes help to support that transition.

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Group C Racing- Back when racing had character.

Group C racing is a form of sports car racing that you won’t see nowadays. The closest you might see, in my opinion, is DTM racing. However, the types of cars and circuits that were used were classic. (Check out the video after the jump)

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Lunchtime: Racecar Image Grabbag

We’ve got our focus on theĀ AustralianĀ Grand Prix this weekend, planning to put together a post for you in the coming days. So in the meantime we wanted to give you a grabbag of pictures, just so you know that we haven’t forgotten about you.

Enjoy the weekend, and watch the F1 race live if you can!

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