|Technique| A driver’s body is more connected than you think.

Until recently, it was assumed that the body operated as a mechanical model where it was assumed that forces were localized to individual parts of the body. So for example, when gripping a steering wheel it could be assumed that the force would (mostly) transmit through your hands, forearms and upper arms to eventually stop at the neck and shoulders.

However, myofascial research (muscles and their surrounding fascia or connective tissue layers) is now painting a different picture.

The research has found that the current model is incomplete and that the body actually functions as a tensegrity based system, where instead of the body being individual parts that sum up a whole, everything is connected. Under tensegrity model, forces are distributed throughout the whole system and cannot be localized to one body part.

So what does that means in terms of racing?

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If you can’t beat em… (Honda S2000)

…join em! This s2000 driver decides to take on his grip run amongst a bunch of drifters.

I’d either want to call this video ‘S2000 Attack!’ or ‘Why snap-oversteer is only funny when you’re watching.’


You’ve got to love Japan for this! Intense dog-fight! The best part is in the last five seconds…