|Photos| Listening to #F1 Cars in Tacoma


So what did you do over the weekend? I dropped by Griot’s Garage, where they hosted an event, showcasing several Formula 1 cars. It was pretty interesting to see some of the machines I’ve read about up close.
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Tips during the racing “off season”.

Kyoko: Winter Mode complete.

I never thought of the winter season, as an ‘off-season’. Rather, it was just a season where everything was just really cold. Just because it gets colder outside, doesn’t mean that you have to sit around idle. Taking advantage of the time during the winter will always pay dividends, when things warm up again.

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Cars V Trains: Fixing cars

In my last post, we saw how trains we’re poking ahead slightly in this battle, partly down to cost. One of the ways we could all save a few pennies, especially in this climate where companies seek to get every last penny they can from us, is to get our hands dirty and get under the bonnets or our cars.

Most things on cars, all though seem incredibly complicated and difficult, are relatively simple; older cars especially, which is handy as they are more likely to break down. For example, the ABS system on the old Calibra is a simple cog on the driveshaft and a small magnetic sensor.

As the teeth of the gear pass the sensor, the magnet will pick up strong or weak pulses, feeding back to the cars computer, letting it know that that wheel is spinning, therefore not locked up and skidding. It’s a beautifully simple solution.

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