Rocket Bunny FRS/GT86- Sex on wheels.

When the Scioyabru GT86-FRS-BRZ came out into the market, I was immensely underwhelmed by the finished result. I thought that the car was lacking presence, in what should have been one of the most impactful cars in the tuning scene today.

Fortunately Rocket Bunny was forward thinking enough to develop a wide-body kit, which transforms the car into an absolute lust object. Followers on our Facebook page will have seen all of the pictures that I keep posting every time I see one.

Those riveted fenders and GT wing just seal it for me.  Thanks to Maiham-Media for the video.

Formula D- Scion FRS: We all knew it was coming.

So I haven’t really been on the bandwagon of excitement for the recently released Toyota FT-86/ Subaru BRZ. For a car that had been in concept for almost six years, I felt that the sparkle had faded when it finally did reach production. Maybe I am just a bit jaded though.

I mean, how many concept cars do we know of that haven’t even made it close to the production line? So I guess we should be counting our blessings that the automotive market has something new and rear wheel drive to get excited over.

So that all being said, what would make me excited to look at this car?

Bam. Enter the Formula-D competition version of the Scion FRS. It’s claimed to have 600hp, developed with the help of Cosworth and a few other big names.

Maybe it’s the styling livery, or maybe it’s the GT Wing, but I like this one. What do you guys think?