|Video| Driver replaces his own steering wheel…mid-race!

I’m not sure whether this falls into the ‘brave’ or ‘stupid’ category, when Jeroen Slaghekke replaces his steering wheel during a Formula Renault race after noticing that he’s having electrical problems.

Better than losing a place in the race? I’ll let you guys be the judge of that…

2012 Formula Renault 3.5- Video

Formula Renault 3.5 is one of the premier junior single-seater formulae for drivers who are on the way to Formula 1. Being that Renault is one of the primary engine suppliers in Formula 1, they keep a close eye on the development of the young stars that are growing in this series.

Recently, Renault released information on an updated specification to the Formula Renault. The new car has updated aero dynamics, including (shock!) the Drag Reduction System that is on the Formula 1 cars.

I’m not sure how I feel about DRS spreading to other lower formulae, but this looks like the current trending in single-seater racing today. Personally I don’t mind having the adjustable wing, it’s just regulations like the DRS Zone in Formula 1  that need careful application on how the wings are used.

There seems to be a growing divide in junior formulae series, whether the addition of these aerodynamic assists will assist future drivers grow as better competitors. For example, the GP2 series has mentioned that they will not be adding elements like KERS and DRS to their cars, as they do not want drivers to develop driving styles which rely on them as overtaking aids.

There is also the discussion around the costs to integrate these new elements. Developing a new chassis, or even integrating technology into an existing chassis would increase the cost of entry into the sport, providing another barrier to entry.

However if the aim for these young drivers is F1, and those are the tools that they are using,  shouldn’t they be prepared in the junior series to be used to them?

Does anyone have any thoughts on classes like Formula Renault 3.5 having DRS and KERS ?