Street Parked- Supercharged Road Racing Street Legal Rally Owned Focus- For Sale…No, really!

Yep, I did put all of those words in one title. Yes, it is all true too.

I just found out that this road-racing prepped 2001 Ford Focus is up for sale. The surprising part is that I also know the person who is selling it!

The owner is Don Wooten, who was my rally driving instructor when I went up to DirtFish Rally School. I first met Don when I was racing in Solo II autocross, and he was using this same car. It pulls at the racer heart-strings to see it go.

Don’s a really great driver, and he always takes good care of his cars, so I wanted to write a quick feature for him to help get the word out.

It always sucks to find out that a local racer has to sell his beloved ride.  However, that is always a new buyer’s gain, as that means is that the car is always excellently prepped and has a good build history.  (I learned that lesson when buying Kyoko.)

The crazy part about this car, is that it is street-legal! Can someone say “Race car for the road?!” If I had the money, I would buy this and turn it into my road racing car.

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Green Cars for St. Patrick’s Day.

Figure that  it’s St. Patrick’s Day that we should post some green cars. Nice and easy. Some of us will be celebrating harder than others, but please do not drink and drive.

Cool, now pics. Happy Saint Patty’s Day.

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