The Purity of Karting #theartofkart #racekart


The kart is the most pure racing vehicle ever created. It has the essential components found in all racing machinery. A tuned chassis, strong brakes and a motor designed to be revved to within an inch of its life.

Nothing will train your body to have a more immersive experience with a race track than a kart. Nothing at all. You’re sitting as one with the machine, as the entire chassis is flexing around you. You feel every camber change and every change in grip surface interacting with your body immediately.

You want pure racing? You want karting.

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Lunch Break Video: Nico Rosberg – Formula 1 driver training in Monaco

We at the “StartingGrid” know that being fit is one of the key points of being a good driver. (Of course, easier said than done). This year, the team is working on finding fitness programs that work for us.

Maybe we should take a page out of Nico’s book?