Have you seen GYMKHANA SIX?

Having been previewed at SEMA this last weekend, Gymkhana Six just went live on Youtube today. Take a watch, because I know you’d rather see Ken Block do donuts, than read my words 😛

Watching Ken Block videos must be what it’s like to be on acid.

I honestly feel that watching Ken Block videos must be what is it like to be on drugs. I mean the hardest drugs you can find.  Seriously, his car control is amazing, but the rest of it is like “WTFOMGSTOPPLZ!”

Except the ape suit thing. That was funny. 😛

Ranting aside. They call it popular for a reason, I guess. His driving is much cleaner than in Gymkhana 3, but I’d rather watch him do a special stage… Although he might roll the car over.

The car does look cool. I just wish Ken Block spent more time training for the WRC rather than doing these videos though.

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