Ferrari Friday: 1960 246 S Dino Fantuzzi High Tail Spyder


It’s Friday and my thoughts are of doing what this person is doing, grabbing a handful of opposite lock as I slide through a turn. I might have to do just that in the Healey, if the weather gods permit.

This car is probably very often mistaken for a v12 engined beast since it looks more than a bit like a 250 Testa Rossa. This car is powered by a 2.4 liter v6, the Dino v6. This engine was named after Enzo’s son Afredo (“Dino” comes from “Alfredino”, which is how a person name Alfredo’s parents or friends would call him, it means “little Alfredo”). In the mid 50s, Alfredo Ferrari lead the development of the v6 for use in Formula 2, and later Forumla 1. Sadly Alfredo died before he ever got to see his engine (actually designed by Ferrari engineer Vittorio Jano) race.

More information and pictures of this car, chassis 0784, can be found at Ultimate Car Page’s very thorough article about this car.

If anyone can identify the photographer who captured this excellent image, please let me know so I can give proper credit.

|Formula 1| Sauber C32 comes good, at least on the livery front. #F1


Last season, Sauber had their most competitive season in Formula 1. Scoring four podiums, the team is hoping that the team’s new contender will be able to do one better.

What I personally love about the new car has nothing to do with the performance changes of the car. It’s the new livery. I’m loving the grey throwback, which reminds me a bit of the older Sauber cars from ’93 and 94′.

Will this be the car that brings Nico Hulkenburg closer to a Ferrari drive? Will this be the first Sauber car to score a Formula 1 victory? I hope so, on both fronts. I’m probably more excited about this car, than any other car this year.

Of course, check out the launch presentation after the jump.
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|Formula 1| Ferrari launches online and Force India hits the ground running #F1


Today, Sahara Force India and Ferrari both launched their cars for the 2013 Season. Force India launched their car at Silverstone, combined with a private demonstration of the car. Ferrari launched their car via an online webcast.

As always, anyone can find pictures of the new cars all over the web, but I like to provide videos of the car launches. Check them both out after the jump.

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|Weekend| Simming it up!


During the off-season, it’s always important to find someway to sharpen your racing skills for when the spring time returns. So over the weekend, I played some RFactor on a friend’s computer.

In my opinion, quality simulation games are a good way to improve your mental programming while racing on a budget.

We spent the afternoon practicing with classic Formula 1 cars, on tracks that we’d never driven before. It gave us some time to re-learn some of our old skills, and also create a list of new habits to start working on for the upcoming season.
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Fernando Alonso’s View of Sunday at Spa

You all by now may have heard about the atrocious start to this past weekend’s F1 race held at Spa.  Here is Fernando Alonso’s replay of the event, as his entire life flashes before his eyes.

Image credit: Hooniverse via Dan Sabol.  Excellent work Dan!

|Racing Conduct| “All the time you have to leave a space!” #f1

So having taken a look at some of the replay footage of the Bahrain GP this weekend, this particular incident with Nico Rosberg and Alonso got my attention. It’s clear that when Rosberg comes off the corner, he cuts back across the track in order to squeeze Alonso off the track.

However at the same time, Alonso isn’t alongside the Mercedes when Nico makes the move. So you could argue that although Rosberg was blocking him, that Ferrari driver should have known better than to go there.

What are your thoughts? Was Rosberg being unfair, or was Alonso just not paying attention?

Check out this BBC Interview of Rubens Barrichello’s interview on his #F1 career while you can

Normally these BBCs interviews go down pretty quick.  Despite a terrible car, nearly zero points, and a contract with Williams F1 running out, Rubens is still a sunny light in the darkest storm.

This man is a legend, and I’m wishing him the best in 2012.