|Video| Learn about the motors of @FIAformulaE

Formula E. Home of the all electric formula car racing series, and all the ex-Formula 1 driving talent that you can get your hands on. The first race is coming in September, and so I’ve been doing a bit to find more information about the cars.
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Is Formula E the future of the motorsport? Is it a good idea? #F1 #racing #formula

The saying is that racing does improve the road car brand. However, observers are always arguing in motorsport where the fine-line is in racing between automotive development and indulgent fantasy. Teams in Formula 1 can spend hundreds of millions of dollars to uncover tenths of seconds using J-Dampers and blown diffusers, but in reality tese developments have very little technological importance to the road car.

Entertaining as it all is, it’s not always relevant to the ‘real-world’. Which in turn, makes it harder to get new companies to be involved with motorsport. However a ‘solution’ may have been found.
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