Street Parked: The Tesla Service Seattle Team Gets It

Tesla’s service center for the Northwest is located in Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood, I walk and bike by it several times a week. There are always a handful of Tesla Roadsters in the shop for whatever maintenance an electric car requires. Having seen Tesla Roadsters every day for the past couple of years, they are no longer attention grabbing for me.

What has been grabbing my attention is the cars the folks who work at Tesla drive. These guys get it, they’re clearly driving enthusiasts. Two lowered Miatas with 949 Racing 6UL track day wheels and a very nice E30 don’t just by chance happen to park in the same lot. It’s always a good thing to see folks who work on high end cars having good taste in their own cars. When the answer cannot be “Miata”, it is very frequently “E30”.

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Craiglist? Oh yeah…Because Race Car (E30)

I would almost never want to feature a car that was sitting on *gasp* Craiglist *gasp*, especially with the horror that Kasumi caused me.

However this car made such an impression on me after being brought to my attention, I couldn’t help myself! This car is sitting pretty local to me at 425 Motorsports. Maybe we should go down and check it out ourselves! They aren’t that far away from where I’m sitting right now.

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BMW in DTM- Looking back, before we look forward (Pictures and videos)

Most people will know that BMW is planning on re-entering Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters in 2012. The company is pulling the majority of it’s racing efforts behind this program, and it’s GT Racing program. We here at the ‘Grid’ think that this is awesome.

However, before we look at what the new DTM car will look like in the coming year, let’s take a look at what some of the good ‘ol boys were doing in Germany about 20 years ago. (Check out the video after the jump)

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