|Petrolicious| When Outrageous Was Possible

When Outrageous Was Possible from Petrolicious on Vimeo.

The Petrolicious and Depth of Speed team have released another video. This one is about the “it” car of my youth, the Lamborghini Countach. The car in the video appears to be a 1985, based on the “Quattrovalvole” badging, engine cover hump, and the lack of the straked rocker extensions of the later cars. Countaches of this era had a 5.2 liter fuel injected V12 and were quite fast. The big wing and flared fenders give the car a bulky and muscular look, quite different from the sleek shape the car had at its introduction in 1974.


1975 Lamborghini Countach LP400 Photo credit: Wikipedia

Thanks for another great video guys, looking forward to more!

|Video| Depth of Speed: Back to Life

Zombie Rabbit - courtesy of Josh Clason - Depth of Speed

Photo credit: Josh Clason – Depth of Speed

Depth of Speed has released another excellent video! This one is about a Zombie VW rabbit and the enthusiast who built it. The owner did most of the work himself using cast offs and gifts from the VW community. Check out the racing seats he upholstered using leather jackets. This is his first project, he learned by doing. I think he did a great job.

Vimeo video is after the break.
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Depth of Speed: High Mileage

Photo credit: John Jackson – Not Stock Photography

The latest episode of what is beginning to become one of my favorite shows is out. This week’s Depth of Speed is about a guy named John Jackson who drives around the country in a 1964 Corvair 95 van taking pictures of cool cars.
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|Video|-Depth of Speed: Wagon Heritage

Depth of Speed: Wagon Heritage from Josh Clason on Vimeo.

Watching these ‘Depth of Speed’ videos remind me that as car people, our shapes and tastes vary as much as the colors of a rainbow. What lights the spark of unique inspiration around automobiles is different for each individual, and should always be appreciated.

Plus, this Datsun wagon is pretty sweet. So for that reason alone, you should watch this. Personally, I wonder why there aren’t more performance estates in the market today.

The world needs more Volvo 850Rs and M5 Estates, agree?

Depth of Speed: Taking the Plunge


Photo Credit: Josh Clason – DepthofSpeed.com

Depth of Speed has released a new video about an instructor at the Art Center College of Design and his recently acquired 1970 Skyline GT-R. The video is a feast of straight 6 symphonies. I found a bonus video with track footage of this car too. This “Hakosuka” was bought from Salt Lake City’s JDM Legends – here’s their blog post about the sale of the car and its adventure road tripping 700 miles to its new home.

Isn’t the sound this thing makes great? These cars originally came equipped with a 2 liter twin cam straight six that made 160 horsepower. This car does not appear to have its original engine; the JDM Legends post makes reference to this car having an L28 – one of the pictures shows a single cam straight six in this car’s engine bay. The L28 is most commonly found in the 280Z and is a fine engine for this car, especially when fitted with a trio of Weber or Mikuni carbs.

This car is super unique, undeniably cool, and certain to draw admiring crowds wherever it goes. Be sure to check out the JDM Legends website. This shop is one of the first places I’d call after winning the megahellalotto, “First generation Celica with an 18RG please”.

Depth of Speed: My Church

Over lunch I discovered Depth of Speed. It’s a trove of automotive treasure. Here’s a video they made about a gentleman with an addiction to 510s and other Datsuns. This video captures marque enthusiasm really well; that guy down the street with all the old Datsuns could have a really cool story.

I’m going to keep an eye on Depth of Speed, I really like how this video was shot. Professional and artful.

Video credit: Depth of Speed