|Video|Murray Walker talks through Damon Hill #F3 battle

Damon Hill is one of my favorite Formula 1 drivers of all time. Now, you might ask why would I be interested in posting about a twenty-six year old motor-race?

0ne reason: Murray Walker. Listen to his epic commentary. He covers this race as if this is a Formula 1 Grand Prix!

Micheal Schumacher- Driving Technique Closeup #F1

With Micheal Schumacher deciding to make his second and final retirement from Formula 1 this year, I thought that it would be nice to review his driving technique when he was at his peak.

Personally, I’ve always questioned if Micheal Schumacher could hold his own during the 2010- 2012 seasons. However, it’s been really enlightening to see the rise and fall of the hubris of Schumacher as he spent time racing in an uncompetitive car, while others were winning races.

However, when he was at his best, he was quite the peddler. Take a look at this video.


Twitter just reminded me that I had posted this video on another site that I was running a while back, and then I realized ‘facepalm’, that fellow |StartingGrid| readers who are interested in Formula 1 would be interested in this too.