|Formula 1| Lewis Hamilton crashes W04 in Jerez test


Lewis Hamilton’s opening days with Mercedes have not been the smoothest. Due to a brake failure, Hamilton crashed his W04 after only 15 laps of testing. Between the two days, the Mercedes has only achieved 29 laps in the pre-season test, compared to the hundred plus of some of their immediate competitors.

It’s better to have these problems now, than during the season, but it doesn’t help the team.

Check out the video after the jump.

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|Technique| Your body might be causing you to lose time…

Last week, I  wrote about the negative effects on driving when over-stressing one area of the body. Now what happens after the entire body has been stressed?

Another thinking has emerged, using the tensegrity model, that your body’s fascia plays a large role in determining your posture and structure. Fascia is the connective tissue that makes up nearly 60% of the muscle. It also encases and suspends the muscles and bones of the body.

Fascia is plastic in nature, which means that it cannot change its structure quickly like muscles that contract and relax – rather it adapts and grows around the structures and strains placed on the body.

So what does that means in terms of racing?
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Nico Rosberg Fastest in Free Practice 1, while Sebastian Vettel collects himself (Video)

Just a quick highlight from this weekends Montreal Grand Prix. I’m super excited for Montreal as this F1 race airs at a reasonable time for me here.  Nico Rosberg was fastest in FP1, with Alonso and Hamilton right behind.

However, the real story is that WDC Vettel put his RB7 into the wall with just 8 laps out on track.

We know that the Free Practice Times don’t mean too much, otherwise Merecedes would be winning more races. However, it’s nice to get the rumor engines going early. See laptimes below and a video on the crash:

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Le Mans 24 Hours 2011: Qualifying Romain Dumas Hard Crash

This is a sickening accident that’s happened during night qualifying of the 2011 24 Hours of LeMans. The Audi R18 of Romain Dumas t-bones an Aston Martin that was in a mid-spin. Both drivers are ok, but the cars both need alot of work.

Scary stuff, because I’m slightly concerned that the Dumas didn’t just ditch the R18 off the track, if he saw a spun car directly ahead of him. Take a look.

Group C Racing- Back when racing had character.

Group C racing is a form of sports car racing that you won’t see nowadays. The closest you might see, in my opinion, is DTM racing. However, the types of cars and circuits that were used were classic. (Check out the video after the jump)

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Driver of the Weekend: Vitaly Petrov!

Twice in two weekends has Vitaly become my driver of the weekend. This weekend, it wasn’t because how he finished a race. (Since he didn’t finish). It was because of his commitment, style and flavor doing this… (Video after the jump)

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Lunchtime Video-2011 IndyCar Series at St. Petersburg Start Crash Marco Andretti Flip

Still think that double-file restarts are a good idea? Mostly, I think it’s a problem with driver maturity that alot of these accidents happen. You keep hearing that you can lose an entire race in turn one, but yet most people always seem to forget about that.

Good racers always think about the long game, not the short. Watch the video. 😛