Mclaren’s Lewis and Jenson as fashion photographers: Funny stuff!

Mclaren have classically come up with some interesting commercials with their Formula 1 drivers. Lewis and Jenson have built their own F1 car, raced slot cars and gone camping. Now they’re photographers and they are running their own photo shoot!  Another video that just makes you chuckle.

Some classic lines here.

Lunchtime Video: Red-Bull Racing/Toro Rosso movie “Bullfight”

Older video, but it shows that drivers like DC, Webber and Tonio had a bit a humor in them. I wish that the new era of Toro Rosso would make little short films like this. Amusing as hell to watch, since it’ll be the only time you see an F1 car in a bull-fight arena!  (Check out the video after the jump)

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Lewis & Jenson, one car, no team — Vodafone ad

What happens when Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button try to build their own car without their team? This is one of my favorite Vodaphone ads, and since this Saturday has been about awesome car commercials, I want you to see this one too.