|Video| #F1 2012- Champions Mode

It’s pretty good timing that Codemasters released this trailer for F1 2012, as I just finished winning the WDC in F1 2011.

On of the ‘highlights’ of the real F1 2012 season, has been that the field has six drivers who have won the drivers championship. Codemasters has taken advantage of this by creating a special game mode, where the player can take on each champion driver in ‘unique’ race scenarios.

To be honest, I’m not sure how it’s going to exactly play-out since you’re always racing these drivers during the regular season. Although, since the Codemasters series is one of my current favorites, I still wanted to highlight the video.

|Video|- Codemasters previews the Circuit of the Americas #F1 2012

Later this year, Formula 1 will be coming to Austin, Texas to race on the newly constructed Circuit of the Americas. Now I’m super excited about this, but I haven’t seen many ‘track-level’ shots of what the circuit will look like.

Fortunately, Codemasters has come to the rescue, by previewing the track on the latest version of F1 2012. The first sector alone just looks mega!

Codemasters released another trailer for F1-2011 game

Apologies in advance for the grainy-resolution here, but it’s the best that I could find at the moment. I’ll be sure to update this with a higher-resolution one, once I find it.

I just recently got back into being interested in racing games. Having played GT4 until it melted through college, and being a tester on Forza Motosport 3, I had my fill of video racing games unless I played R-Factor on a racing wheel.

Now that my fire has been re-lit to play video racing games, I’m super excited to see some of the trailers for the F1 2011 game by Codemasters. In this video, they have re-created almost all of favorite events that have happened in the 2011 season so far, with the exception of Nick Heidfield’s car burning to the ground.

Still, it’s an exciting game that I’m super looking forward to picking up this year. I heard that the game will let you use KERS and DRS, as well as have a Safety Car! *nerdgasm*