|Technique| Two Questions To Ask Yourself After Each Session


Hey Readers!

Been a while since I posted last, but wanted to pass along a quick tip I always use when I coach other drivers. It’s so simple, and really an effective way to monitor your personal performance. Simply put, I ask these two questions to my drivers after each and every session:

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What do you want to see on |StartingGrid| in ’15?


In 2014, I didn’t post on |StartingGrid| nearly as much as I’ve wanted to. Mostly, because I was focused on getting my feet stable in competition karting. I’m not upset with that at all, but I decided at the end of the year that I wanted to put more attention back into having fun with the blog.

I’ve been chatting with some people about some topic ideas that would be fun to write about, so below are some of my ideas.

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|Technique| You don’t have to be a racer to help coach one

A few days ago, I wrote an article about the importance of having a good driving coach, regardless of a driver’s skill level. Soon after, I received a reader comment which resonated with me:

  • “Loved your article on driver coaching. My friend races go-karts. I wish I could help him more, but I’ve never raced a kart myself, so I don’t think I’d be that helpful as coach.” -Reader Comment

This statement could not be any less true. You could be helping coach your driver right now, and you don’t even have to be a racer!

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