Street Parked: 1966 Chevelle Sedan

Chevelle front quarter

Seattle has a large population of driving restoration projects as may be evident by the number of “in progress” cars I seem to find Street Parked. This handsome, ready to be painted, sedan is a 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle. The Chevelle nameplate was used on a wide variety of midsize Chevrolets, from coupes, to station wagons, to convertibles, and the legendary SS396 muscle car. The 1966 Chevelles are favorites of mine because they have a cool shark nose style.

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Street Parked: Citation X11

Citation hindquarters
Chevrolet’s Citation X11 is an example of the worst of American car making. For this series I typically write about cars that I find desirable. However when Alan Dahl sent me this set of pictures, I knew I needed to feature this car.
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Street Parked: 1941 Chevrolet Special Deluxe

Chevrolet grill and fivehead
I encountered this cool old Chevrolet while on a visit to an auto parts store to pick up parts for our LeMons car. This is a 1941 Special Deluxe coupe. I’ve heard some folks refer to these as “Business Coupes”. I’m not sure what differentiates a business coupe from a non-business coupe so I’ll just leave the business coupe business to others and just admire a cool old car.
It's Special and Deluxe
GM’s Art and Color group (run by the famous Harley Earl) designed this car and I think they did a great job. I particularly like the front fender detail, they give the car a wide stance while also giving the hood a powerful height.
Special Deluxe front quarter
The small styling is excellent on this car, the chrome strip and hood vents are particularly cool with an art deco vibe.
Special Deluxe badge
The interior of this humble Chevrolet is nice, not up to the standards of a Buick but plenty nice enough for a working man’s car.
Special deluxe interior
The 1941 Chevrolets were powered by a straight six producing 90 horsepower. These cars weighed less than 3,500 lbs, so that 90 horsepower engine probably provided adequate performance. I’ll have to learn more about cars from the 40s, what was the Miata of the day back then?

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Street Parked: 1970 Chevelle Malibu Survivor

This Chevelle epitomizes the street parked survivor that catches my eye. This car was bought as a standard car with the smallest v8, the 307, and has faithfully fulfilled daily driver duty for over forty years. That it has survived and continues to see regular use is remarkable.
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2014 Chevrolet SS: GM Resurrects the V8 Rear Drive Sedan

Chevy SS Badge
Australia has given us many great things. Among them have been been: Alan Jones, the Boomerang, and the Ute. My favorite Aussie invention is the GM Zeta platform. The Zeta underpins GM’s excellent Camaro and the M5-esque Pontiac G8 (RIP) as well as the new Caprice Police car.
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