|Video|Petrov in @MyCaterhamF1 overtakes Massa in @InsideFerrari! – Awesome!

Followers of |StartingGrid| know that I’m a huge Formula 1 fan. This isn’t something that you see everyday, where a Caterham overtakes a Ferrari in a Grand Prix.

Watch how Vitaly Petrov is able to keep pace with Felipe Massa, and make a pass in the DRS zone for 15th place during the 2012 European GP.  (Massa’s teammate Alonso is leading the race at this point.) Continue reading

Cars V Trains: Since when did parking cost a million pounds?

Press play.

Cars are getting frightfully expensive. I realised this, this afternoon when simply trying to park in Coventry city centre for a few hours. Before I tell you (and you scroll down), guess how much they make you pay to park in a car park with dirty water dripping from the ring-road above and tarmac that hasn’t so much be laid as ploughed. Go on, 4 hours in Coventry, guess. £2.50? £3.00 perhaps? Wrong.

Scroll down…

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