Classic BTCC Racing- Silverstone 1992.

I haven’t been in a huge mood to do a lot of writing, but I have been watching tons of racing videos. Spending some time chatting with some of our followers on Twitter, someone brought up classic British Touring Car racing, and this video came to mind.

Anyone know any modern-day drivers that battle this hard? Reminds me of some of the local kart races I’ve watched.

What drives a racing team?- Video

One of the topics that always bounce around between the writers here at the StartingGrid, is how we could join a racing team, or create one of our own. Between our group, the majority of us are always training to improve ourselves. It’s what drives us.

From our physical fitness, technical knowledge base and our driving techniques, our aims are always to improve ourselves for our day in the sun. Whenever it comes.

What does it take to be a good racing driver? What does it take to be a good racing team? Here is a view from the Team Dynamics BTCC racing team.

This video inspired us. Hopefully, it’ll inspire you as well.