|Time Attack| The #CaswellEffect and Crawford Performance Turbo BRZ

I just got this video from Bill Caswell, showcasing his time at the Redline Time Attack at Buttonwillow.  It does a solid job at presenting the performance of the Crawford BRZ that he was driving, but also highlighting the quality of entries as a solid grassroots motorsport for amateurs and semi-professionals.

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Rocket Bunny FRS/GT86- Sex on wheels.

When the Scioyabru GT86-FRS-BRZ came out into the market, I was immensely underwhelmed by the finished result. I thought that the car was lacking presence, in what should have been one of the most impactful cars in the tuning scene today.

Fortunately Rocket Bunny was forward thinking enough to develop a wide-body kit, which transforms the car into an absolute lust object. Followers on our Facebook page will have seen all of the pictures that I keep posting every time I see one.

Those riveted fenders and GT wing just seal it for me.  Thanks to Maiham-Media for the video.

Subaru BRZ- Super GT (Video)- We are ‘Proud of Boxer’

Christmas must be coming upon us early, as automakers have been getting involved in some exciting projects. earlier in the week, I posted a picture of the new Subaru BRZ Super GT300 car.

I’m already in love with it, as I’m glad that Subaru is entering into the series with a new an exciting chassis.

Just this morning, I was able to find a preview video of the car that I wanted to share with you all. Happy Friday!

Hopefully Toyota will bring more information on thier proposed Prius Super GT contender soon, as well.

My first reason to be interested in the Subaru BRZ/Toyota FT86

Personally, I haven’t been that interested in the FT86/Subaru BRZ.  This car had been in the rumor mill for more than 5 years, and with more twists and turns than gamers waiting for the next Gran Turismo.

Honestly, the car hasn’t really done much for me as a road car. However, as always, now there is a new development that has caught my attention.

Why?  Because race car… 🙂 (Super GT300 class). I love that front facia and those overfenders!  Freaking awesome.