|Video| Alex Zanardi is more than a champion…

TOUCH THE SKY from tim hahne on Vimeo.

Alex Zanardi is such a champion, who is much more than just from his racing.

Sure, he’s raced in Formula 1. He’s won the CART series title two years in a row. He’s raced touring cars and won the gold medal in the 2012 Paralympic Games after losing his legs in a horrible crash in 2001. Still, Zanardi is much more than that.
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Street Parked: BMW 3.0 CSi

IMG_6022 copy
I’ve seen this car driving around in my neighborhood a number of times but had never seen it parked until one day when I was driving the Healey to the store on a quick errand. I was in a hurry but couldn’t let the opportunity to check out this cool Bimmer pass so I stopped for a few pictures.
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BMW Zagato Coupe: I’m in Double Bubble Love

BMW just revealed this jaw-droppingly stunning double bubble equipped coupe.  I’m in love with it, I really am.  Hit the link below to visit BMW blog for the story and a bunch more photos.


Taking a stop by Cantrell Motorsports

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So Kyoko has Cantrell Motorsports plastered all over her. I figured that it was about time to find the place and take a look inside. The shop is based in Kirkland, surprisingly on my normal commute to work. I didn’t want to be ‘that guy’ running around with his jaw dropped at some of the cool cars I saw, but I couldn’t help myself. I am ‘that guy’. 😉

I was impressed with what I saw being worked on inside, like an E30  had been stripped down to the frame, and a Lotus Espirt. However, my personal-favorite was a silver E36 four-door with a cage inside.  *heart-skip beat*

Craiglist? Oh yeah…Because Race Car (E30)

I would almost never want to feature a car that was sitting on *gasp* Craiglist *gasp*, especially with the horror that Kasumi caused me.

However this car made such an impression on me after being brought to my attention, I couldn’t help myself! This car is sitting pretty local to me at 425 Motorsports. Maybe we should go down and check it out ourselves! They aren’t that far away from where I’m sitting right now.

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Global Concept Automobile #BMW 1M- Multi-national awesomeness

I can never say ‘No’ to a production-based racecar. With the BMW 1M being such a fantastic road car, it was just a matter of time before someone designed to design one into a serious racer.

This car was designed by French company, Global Concept Automobile. Through their engineering arm, GC Automobile developed this silhouette BMW 1M to be suitable for FIA series races.

Producing around 550 bhp, this BMW is powered by a tuned small block Chevy V8…(That’s right, I said it) to complete in global endurance races. So basically, it’s a French designed German car that’s powered by an American V8.

Genius. Today the French have gained more points in by book, just for this. (Video below)

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