The Healey: Pizza Run

Moon Over Healey

Yesterday brought a lovely evening to Seattle. This necessitated taking a ride in the Healey. What better excuse for a Healey ride than a pizza run? There are few things in this world better than rumbling around in a sportscar on a warm summer evening. A full belly and a full moon inspired the shot above. I wish I had a real camera with me and not my iPhone; however the best camera is the one in your hand.

Delicious Pizza

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The Healey: Getting Rolling Again

MjolnirThe Healey was mostly dormant for a few decades before we exhumed it. It had its original 48 spoke wire wheels with ancient retread tires.  This was not a setup we wanted to drive any distance. New wheels and tires were easily ordered through the nice folks at Hendrix Wire Wheel and Moss Motors.
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The Healey: Radiator Recore Reduces Running Radiance

Free Range Radiator
After a couple of drives around the neighborhood, the first system to raise its hand for attention was the cooling system. The radiator developed a healthy leak in its core.
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SOVREN RHD Austin Healey 3000

Would you like to see some additional pictures of the Big Healey featured in today’s Daydream post?

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Make the jump to see a bunch of shots from the paddock and a few from the track. This is a cool car. I have a soft spot for blue big Healeys.
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Daydream: Big Healey and Lotus 11 at Pacific Raceways

I want to be driving that Healey
There were only 270 or so Lotus 11s ever built. The rarer car for me is the Healey; this is the first right had drive Austin Healey 3000 I’ve ever seen. They built 42,960 Austin Healey 3000, the vast majority being left hand drive.