|Video|Petrov in @MyCaterhamF1 overtakes Massa in @InsideFerrari! – Awesome!

Followers of |StartingGrid| know that I’m a huge Formula 1 fan. This isn’t something that you see everyday, where a Caterham overtakes a Ferrari in a Grand Prix.

Watch how Vitaly Petrov is able to keep pace with Felipe Massa, and make a pass in the DRS zone for 15th place during the 2012 European GP.  (Massa’s teammate Alonso is leading the race at this point.) Continue reading

|Formula 1| Ferrari launches online and Force India hits the ground running #F1


Today, Sahara Force India and Ferrari both launched their cars for the 2013 Season. Force India launched their car at Silverstone, combined with a private demonstration of the car. Ferrari launched their car via an online webcast.

As always, anyone can find pictures of the new cars all over the web, but I like to provide videos of the car launches. Check them both out after the jump.

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|Video| – Vettel does an impression of Alonso, plus a combo breaker! #F1

Nico Rosberg infuriated Fernando Alonso during the Bahrain GP weekend by nearly squeezing him off the track, claiming it as a defensive move.  Alonso spent the following week, making a comment to the press about how driver conduct in Formula 1 needs to improve. A fact that personally, I think holds water.

At least when concerning driver conduct, I generally agree with Alonso’s. (I’ve never thought that I would be one to agree with a comment that came from Alonso in the past!)¬†Although my personal¬†impression of Alonso¬†has changed over the last few years, I knew eventually someone would make a jab-¬†reference to one of Fernando’s ‘less than polite’ past actions. You don’t become a two-time world champion by just being nice all the time.

Who would have thought that the burn would have come from Sebastian Vettel! Check out this video during today’s FIA¬†press conference, and Vettel’s wicked Alonso impression.

Check out the video before it gets tagged.

|Racing Conduct| “All the time you have to leave a space!” #f1

So having taken a look at some of the replay footage of the Bahrain GP this weekend, this particular incident with Nico Rosberg¬†and Alonso got my attention. It’s clear that when Rosberg comes off the corner, he cuts back across the track in order to squeeze Alonso off the track.

However at the same time, Alonso isn’t alongside the Mercedes when Nico makes the move. So you could argue that although Rosberg was blocking him, that Ferrari driver should have known better than to go there.

What are your thoughts? Was Rosberg being unfair, or was Alonso just not paying attention?

Conversation of Generations- Ferrari & Shell on the Belgium Grand Prix.

As one of Ferrari’s primary sponsors, Shell loves to create marketing materials which highlight their commitment to Formula 1 and Scuderia Ferrari.

This piece is a very interesting segment of 1964 World Champion John Surtees having a face to face conversation with current Ferrari driver, and¬† two-time world champion, Fernando Alonso.¬† I think that it’s special how the two drivers really talk about the differences between Formula 1 now and then.

Sidenote: One thing that I wish that marketeers would pay attention to when creating these adverts, is how they interject the branding, so that it is not awkward when they are mentioned. When Fernando starts talking about Shell lubricants, you shudder slightly as it’s not part of the natural flow of conversation.