Petrolicious: Alfa Giulietta Sprint Zagato

The Petrolicious gang is back with another great video! This one beautifully captures the essence of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta SZ. Zagato designs odd looking little cars and this one is typically striking in look. Beneath the funky sheetmetal is Alfa’s excellent all aluminum twin cam four in “Veloce” spec with twin Weber side draft carbs. The sound these cars make is intoxicating. This one is 1.3 liters and offers plenty of involvement in running through canyons. If there ever was a car that epitomized the adage that “it is more fun to drive a slow car fast than a fast car slow”, this is it. With modest power, you get to rip through 3 or 4 gears where a more powerful car would only give you two. Tons of fun.

Credit and thanks to Petrolicious!

Alfa Romeo GTA Hillclimb (Video)

I love Alfa GTAs. To me, they represent the ‘Miata’ of another region of the world. Much like the Miata, Lotus Elan or Suzuki Cappuchino,  I have a weakness for lightweight, small displacement cars being tossed about.

Track or road, it doesn’t matter. You know these cars were meant just to have a good time.

I love the flared fenders, and the dished wheels too. It gives the car a much more aggressive stance. Keen eyes will spot the rollbars in the back. I can’t see if that is a full cage, but one would hope so.

This hillclimb video just reminds me that I need to take some more one-on- one time with my own Roadster.

(Also, that I need to get out and find some Alfa’s to do some ‘Street-Parked’ features on.  Anyone who has a sweet Alfa, let me know and I’ll try and set something up.)

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