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You have to love classic liveries on road cars. Especially on this SA22C.

Mmm, IMSA. Mmm… I would rock this as a daily livery. You’ve already seen Project Kyoko, so it’s not an insane idea.


Legendary 1980’s IMSA Akai- sponsorsed Racing Beat SA22C RX-7..

Always liked those futuristic BBS mesh racing wheels..

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Japan just does things much better than we can when it comes to tuned cars. Check out this Ginetta G12 from the land of the Rising Sun.


Ginetta G12 meant for club racing at circuits; ready for Wangan pounding..

Proud product from Essex; semi-radials and bronze Watanabes footwork honkers down the frog-eyed Brit perfectly..

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Full carbon- Miata?! What?! Yes! I don’t even care that this is not coming from our blog. You need to see this!

To confirm your suspicions let me just say, yes; this car is made entirely of carbon fiber.  A carbon car if you will.  This car was built and belongs to Mike from Autokonexion; a shop you probably aren’t familiar with unless you own a Miata.  Which is to be expected because Mike is a pretty behind the scenes guy.  If I showed you a picture of this car however, I’m sure you may become a little more familiar to the man behind the work…or, errr, the work behind the man?  Anyway, my good friend Kodi had the car to take to the Formula D show last weekend, so after he was wrapped up with that I drove up to the 626 and met him at Maxim Cafe for a coffee.

After I finished my Spanish Coffee and was on an incredibly strong caffeine high, we drove down the street…

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The Inspirational KE70

A few years ago, I saw a black KE70 (Te72 here in the states) from Australia. What impressed me was not the ‘mad JDM tyte drifting skills’, but the engine itself.

A 3T-GTE. One of the baddest T series engines out there.

1.8L , TWIN Spark and TURBO? yeah.

Mark Buckland Drifting @ Hori Dori Drift Day from tarry mortlock on Vimeo.

Owned by Mark Buckland from Australia.

I had to do some mining to find out about this car, but the research was a worth the wait. Normally I’m not a fan of yellow FCs, but this one does it for me.

What do you guys think?

twenty PSI

Before I get into the first post, I’ll explain a bit about my goals with this site;
I created this blog with the intentions of doing a spotlight feature of a friend’s car in each entry. This will be a semester long project and depending on how successful it becomes, will determine whether I’ll stick with it later on. I’m hoping to do weekly entries, each week spawning a new feature car. Now I’ll kick it off with my first feature, Pat’s FC RX7…

I’ve always been a fan of the RX7 line. my mom had a 1st gen, although I was too young to remember it at the time. The 13B is a motor with great potential, if built up correctly and Pat’s FC is a great representation of rotary perfection. With a race port and a single turbo upgrade, his car does somewhere in the excess of 350whp…

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We posted a video about this a while ago, but here are some nice cutaway photos of the 08′ Sauber F1. Awesome to see the detail in these amazing machines.

Now…what ideas can we use on Project Kyoko? 😉

Here are some  detail photographs of the “half-Sauber” (F108) we featured recently in video form on The Flying Lap:


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In case some of you did not know, August 8th was “International AE86” day. There were meet and greets taking place all over the world. This is one of the things that brings all of us car people together. You can do a search and you will find coverage of this international event from all parts of the world.

This is Northern California’s coverage presented by Slide Your Ride and Performance Options. The location was at Toyota of Oakland.

Two links to blogs that covered the event

Fkn’ Famous and Life Blasters