Racing Mentor Podcast – Talking about Grassroots Sponsorship in the USA

Over the last few months, I’ve had an awesome opportunity to be on the Racing Mentor podcast, with Jess Shanahan and talk about how grassroot sponsorship opportunities are pretty similar, no matter where you are.

It was a really fun chat and I hope to be back on another episode soon.

FYI – Jess has a pretty great Facebook community to help racers learn about developing sponsorship techniques, and meet with like-minded people.

Check out her book and other resources at the Racing Mentor website.

PS: I also got a chance to get mentioned in article about the Most Cost Effective Ways to go Racing, which was nice, because karting.

|Video| Learn more about Jules Bianchi #ForzaJules #f1

If you’ve been following even a hint of the motorsport world over the last few days, you’ll have heard about the tragic accident that Jules Bianchi was involved in during the Japanese Grand Prix. I’m not going to talk about my opinion on the crash, or show any photos about it, because you can find things like that all over the internet.

Really what I wanted to show was an interview that Will Buxton did on Jules Bianchi this last October. Bianchi is one of those drivers that, if you’ve been following European single seaters, that you’ll know about. However, for most people he’s just been driving for a backmarker team.
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|Video| Horacio Pagani Interview: Renaissance Man #Zonda #Pagani #Huayra

Horacio Pagani is one of the greatest automotive designers of our generation. Each piece that he, and later his company, have made are works of art. Pagani is a man who has poured his passion of automobiles into his life, and it exudes out of the attention to details in his machines.

Take a look and enjoy gaining some insight from a great man in the automotive world.

#f1 #f1chat Interview with David Coulthard – Making Opportunities Happen

Check out this interview by David Coulthard, driver at Mclaren and Williams Formula 1 teams. Winner of 13 Grand Prix, Coulthard is now a pundit for the BBC, broadcasting the races. David’s interview just give a brief summary of his career in Formula 1.

I wish I had something more clever to say about it, but as a Formula 1 nerd, it’s just always interesting to hear from someone in the sport.

@OversteerTV – Podcast on our Pikes Peak Trip #ppihc #karting

Anthony from, recorded a podcast about our Pikes Peak Trip, (which ironically we wrote about on an entirely different site. ;)) . It just went live a few days ago. We covered Pikes Peak, and spoke a bit about StartingGrid.

Thanks so much for sharing this with us!

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|Video| Formula 1 Insights from Gary Hartstein #F1 (Long Documentary/Worth It)

Normally, I wouldn’t want to post a 45 minute video of just a guy talking.

However when the person is Gary Hartstein, the former FIA Medical Delegate for the Formula One World Championship, it’s worth taking the time to listen. He’s got an interesting backstory.

I’m going to be honest. It’s a long one, so I’m not expecting people to get to commenting on it right away. However, I’d love to get people’s opinions on how safety in motorsports has changed over the last thirty years. The sport has seriously changed for the better thanks to people like Gary.
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|Video| Inside T.R.A Kyoto -Kei Miura interview

I’ve always been under the impression that the car culture 20 years ago was better than the culture of today. I know that I look at the past with rose-colored nostalgia, but it always seems like the shops of the old-school do a better job of keeping the right feel and essence of what it should all be about.

However, T.R.A Kyoto has done a great job at taking that classic feeling and bringing it into the modern age. You’ve already seen the video about the Rocket Bunny FRS, but this gives you a better view on the masters behind this epic work.

(When I run my own shop, I want it to have the exact feeling as this group of people.)

Thanks to Maiham Media for this interview

|Video| Sebastian Vettel on David Letterman

Last night, Sebastian Vettel was on David Letterman, since Formula 1 was in the New Jersey area checking out the prospective 2013 road course track. Normally I’d be cool with an interview, but two things have been brought to my attention about David Letterman during this interview that got me really heated.

  1. He actually understands nothing about racing cars…or Formula 1…or race tracks. Sadly, Letterman does nothing to promote the USGP that is coming later this year. All he does is rant about Indianapolis. (IndyCar doesn’t work very well there, in my opinion, so we should keep F1 away from Indianapolis as much as possible… Austin is just fine, thanks! Dorknozzle…)
  2. As an interviewer, he is just…a really annoying old man. (Retire, please?)

But really, I don’t care all that much about talk show hosts. I just want to hear about racing.  😉