Twenty Minutes of Proof why IndyCar > #F1

I’ve written my fair share of articles about how Formula 1 is so behind the times when it comes to being accessible on social media, to the point that it’s ridiculous.

IndyCar on the other hand, has been doing a great job providing interesting camera angles for people to view the race from and also allowing people to watch FULL RACES on Youtube for free!
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DriftWorks Hachi-Roku Lives! #drift


DW86. AE-V86. Whatever you want to call it, the DriftWorks AE86 has been an epic build to follow. The ASCAR-powered (No, that’s not a typo of NASCAR) AE86 has been screaming over the internet, showing awesome build photos, fenders and engine installation.
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|Video| Horacio Pagani Interview: Renaissance Man #Zonda #Pagani #Huayra

Horacio Pagani is one of the greatest automotive designers of our generation. Each piece that he, and later his company, have made are works of art. Pagani is a man who has poured his passion of automobiles into his life, and it exudes out of the attention to details in his machines.

Take a look and enjoy gaining some insight from a great man in the automotive world.

|Video| MadStreet racing Superkarts at Sonoma #kart

Since I’ve gotten more into competition karting, I’ve found myself more interested in the various configurations of karts that you can race.

One of my buddies, Joe Street has been racing Superkarts for the last few years. This last weekend he was at Sonoma Raceway. He shared some of his onboard video and a summary that he put together.
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Street Parked: 1972 Ford Torino

What do you think of when you hear the word “Torino”? I think of Turin, Italy (it’s called “Torino” in Italian) and Fiat sports cars built there over the years. I then think of the Clint Eastwood movie “Gran Torino”, which featured a 1972 Ford Torino not at all like our subject car. Our feature car is remarkable for its unremarkableness.
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Friday Video – Classic Formula K #karts

Check out this video of some older 100cc Formula K karts taking on a UK kart track. I don’t know much about these yet, but I love the sound of the engines that they are running.

Does anyone else know much about this class of kart? It might turn into a weekend research project.

Street Parked: 1966 Chevelle Sedan

Chevelle front quarter

Seattle has a large population of driving restoration projects as may be evident by the number of “in progress” cars I seem to find Street Parked. This handsome, ready to be painted, sedan is a 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle. The Chevelle nameplate was used on a wide variety of midsize Chevrolets, from coupes, to station wagons, to convertibles, and the legendary SS396 muscle car. The 1966 Chevelles are favorites of mine because they have a cool shark nose style.

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