Memories of John

My condolences to Jenson and his entire family. Since I’ve been a follower of Formula 1, Jenson’s dad has been such a staple of the paddock. A true racing father, letting his son live his own dream in his own way, while just coming along for the ride.

Even though I just follow the sport as a fan, John’s loss still has impact.
RIP- John.

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It is Saturday 17th October 2009, at about half past ten at night in Sao Paulo. Our Brazilian taxi driver has taken my travelling room-mate and I to the wrong hotel and it’s going to take a while to order another one, so we go to the hotel bar and order a glass of wine.

There, we bump into John Button… sat alone, lost in his thoughts, no doubt contemplating what lay ahead of his son in the morning of a day when he would be crowned world champion. Always Jenson’s most ardent supporter, John barely missed a day of his son’s career. And October 18th would mark the culmination of their incredible journey.

John invited us over that night, as if he was glad to have the company to take his mind away from his thoughts. And there we sat, spoke and laughed long into the night.

Conversation swirled…

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Another brilliant article by Will Buxton. I’m super glad that he’s still in Formula 1 commentary, personally.
This article encapsulates our feelings on the weekend’s events, perfectly. Give it a read, and give him some feedback. He deserves it.

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Yep, you guessed it. It’s another opinion on the fallout from the Malaysian Grand Prix. I’ll be honest, I didn’t want to just blast something out in the immediate aftermath. I wanted to take the flights home to think about it.

I barely slept last night. Jetlag accounted for part of that. The rest was the final ten laps in Malaysia and, in particular, the podium ceremony, press conference and interviews that followed.

It was all just such a load of self-deprecating “woe is me” crap. Wasn’t it?

Three drivers, supposedly three of the greatest in the world, all looking genuinely miserable at the thought of being ranked as the best on their day, in their arena.

For me, none of them had any reason to be ashamed of their days or their results. But for the pantomime they played out post race in front of a global television audience…

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Just a quality post from ‘Mind Over Motor’, that we think you all should see.

Nothing will get in the way of a proper car-guy and his hooning. 😉

Mind Over Motor

Many of you probably know about how Chris Harris exposed Ferrari’s rigging of press cars during magazine tests. Ferrari immediately blacklisted him after his article aired on Jalopnik (We did a reaction piece to it as well), which meant he would never be allowed to drive Ferrari press cars again, or purchase a brand new Ferrari for that matter too. Chris has had other ways of still getting Ferraris to road test, but this time he has actually landed himself one of Ferrari’s own press cars via some under-the-table means. The hilariousness of this video for me lies in how he proceeds to absolutely ring the car’s neck, beating the crap out of it on a racetrack like it is a Nissan drift car, or something. It would’ve been hilarious to see the angry looks of the Ferrari executives, in their well tailored suits, upon seeing this video.


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It’s very rare that we re-blog an entire article on |StartingGrid|. However, being that I’m a massive F1 nut, I think it’s super-important that everyone knows about the change in the engine formula for the 2014 season.

Cars having more power than grip = Awesome!

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Formula 1 is a fairly secretive world. But when you’re asked to seal your iPhone and anything that can take a picture in a lockable bag, and requested not to use a Dictaphone because you’ll be hearing something that nobody outside the factory walls has been privy to, you know you’re in for something very special.

Such was the fashion in which today started, as Mercedes AMG welcomed a select gathering of Formula 1 journalists to its Brixworth base, on the outskirts of Northampton, England.

It’s all change for F1’s engine regulations next year, as normally aspirated V8s make way for V6 turbos. The naysayers, one Mr Ecclestone included, have said the new regulations will do more harm than good to the sport. The new units will be too expensive and they’ll sound awful. The regs have been delayed once, from 2013 to 2014, and for a while it looked…

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Another SA22C that I’ve fallen in love with lately. And again mesh wheels catching my attention. Should Project Kyoko get a set or no?

I’ve never seen a Miata on mesh that looked great…


22C Works Flared and Angry  SA22C..

Rad to say the least; never gets old on SSR Formula Meshies..

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