What have I been up to in sim racing?

^^ This.

So basically since the pandemic started, I’ve been heavily involved in sim racing. First, because for a while the outdoor race tracks hadn’t been open. Second, because I needed a change of pace. Third, because I’ve got some other stuff going on that I’ll talk about in a later post.

So, after getting a PC and getting some basic equipment, I started looking for leagues. I’m a big advocate for league racing, because when you find a good league, you’ll find a community of people who are interested in being competitive, and most importantly helping other people.

I stumbled onto the SimRacing604 league, honestly through one of my advocacy projects, Driven by Diversity. I had known about Mike/SimRacing604 through his videos on Youtube (check out his videos, as they are great), and he told me that he was starting an Assetto Corsa Competizione North American league. ACC is very popular over in Europe, and has connections with SRO/GT racing, but there haven’t been very many strong leagues in North America.

I figured I’d give it a spin, and found a really nice community of people. Also, I’ve found some great racing. It’s nice to be able to jump into a race of 40+ drivers, and know that there are good driving standards, and good racing on a regular basis.

After doing two seasons of league racing, the community has grown to over 1200 people, which is awesome to see. I volunteered to be one of the community coaches, helping out new drivers who are just getting into sim racing, find their feed on the the track. (Offering advice on how to practice, basic race craft, how to look at data, etc.)

Links to do stuff.

If you’re ready to try some online racing, start by joining the SimRacing604 Simracing.gp community.

There is an intake form that you can fill out, and the admins will provide you a SimRacing.gp invite within 48 hours. https://forms.gle/tv2fqk6Hh1cZ1FiUA

Whether you join the race series or not, come hang out with the over 1,200 likeminded sim racing folks in our Discord. This is where you’ll find more info about coaching, signing up for one-off races, race series, sim hardware, and more.

Join here: https://discord.gg/K2nw6eysARS

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