Don’t call it a comeback – Part 2.

So, I guess I’m back here blogging again.

My dad always tells me that I don’t acknowledge my wins often enough. Recently, I’ve started to think that he’s got a good point.

Speed Secrets Podcast #2!

A few weeks ago I made a post call “That One Day that I did a podcast with Ross Bentley”, and then ironically, I got a chance to do another one!

Ross invited me back for another episode of the Speed Secrets podcast to talk about karting and how sim racing was keeping me sane during COVID quarantine.

We also had a chance to talk about the Motorsport Book Club Facebook Group that I’m working on, which I’ll talk about later.

Motorsport Book Club- We’re talking about it now!

Honestly, this wasn’t my idea, but I’m glad that I got invited. Bill Caswell started the group, and invited me super early on. (I have a bad habit of wanting to be an admin in groups that I find to be super exciting, and Bill is a super cool guy and let me do it.)

Recently, I did a post about how Facebook really wasn’t becoming a fun place to be anymore. The Motorsport Book Club is one of the few respites there that I actually enjoy going to on that platform lately.

Honestly, I wanted to be in a place where we could just talk about nerdy motorsport books. I’ve never had a huge budget to go racing, or have had to creatively hustle to figure out ways to get into seats, so I’m always interested in finding new ways to develop my driving technique in the most cost effective ways possible.

Reading is a easy way to do that, and it’s nice to share recommendations with other people who just want to learn more about motorsport. It’s a small group, but it’s growing steadily and everyone is pretty nice.

We pretty much follow the same rules that we used to start the Kartpulse Forums.

  1. Don’t be a jackass
  2. Stay on topic
  3. Don’t be a jackass

Assetto Corsa Competizione – What am I doing here?

I, just like about every other racer during the initial COVID lockdown, got interested in PC Sim Racing. I had been racing in Codemasters F1 series leagues before hand, but this was a great opportunity for me to look into a few other titles.

Eventually, I decided on Assetto Corsa. Well, first I decided on Assetto Corsa, and then I decided on Assetto Corsa Competizione, once I figured out what that was.

Of course, I had to have a custom livery made of some of the cars that I like driving most. I’m 12 years old. Race Sim Studio has some great formula cars when I’m playing Assetto Corsa.
I decided to start by getting used to GT4 cars in ACC, because they’re a bit slower and I can take time to learn all of the tracks. Enter the BMW M4, in ‘Racing Mentor’ livery colors.

My aim is to get back into league racing, because that’s really where I’ve had the most fun, but racing in ACC is much more challenging and requires me to learn a ton of new things (yay!)

Eventually, I’ll go back to streaming, but there are so many things that I need to learn, that I’ve largely just been practicing in the privacy of my own AI races. šŸ˜‰

People keep telling me to join IRacing and that the field sizes of IRacing are a huge attraction for some people. However, the “pay to play” model (see – me being a cheap ass) of cars and tracks have been a turn off for me, while I’ve been practicing to get my feet wet.

SWAG Updates

Get some swag here! – So there have been two big updates, since I last talked about this.

(Not) Female Racing Driver collaboration swag -I’ve been helping with a collaboration between Studio Rhoad and Driven for Diversity, promoting a variation of our (Not) Famous Racing Driver apparel.

As we started working with the D2D team, we recognized that female racing drivers tend to be prioritized by gender, rather than by talent and ability. This is our way to try and get rid of the crappy “Not bad, for a girl” conversations, we see way too often in our sport. (We also know that not everyone will get the message right away, but it’s a good one any way ;))

Not Famous Racing Driver beanies – I love beanies and you should to. That’s it. (My wife says that I should put ” You want your head to feel hot? Nothing’s hotter than our swag”. So there, Karina. I love you.)

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