That time that I started screaming when someone said that “Sponsorship doesn’t work”

One of my fun side projects is a business marketing podcast for the automotive aftermarket, called ‘On the Rhoad’. It’s typically focused towards small/medium business owners, etc.

This episode was talking about sponsorship from the business owner’s perspective, and how they choose the people they want to build the relationships that help to grow their business.

We talk about what it’s like being a business that is either looking to provide sponsorship, or have people looking for sponsorship, and how to engage with them respectfully. (Basically, finding people who actually care about your business.)

For example, my relationship with Studio Rhoad started out as a sponsorship, which then turned into a business relationship and then later a friendship, so we talk about this story here.

Then about 17:10 in the episode, I just started losing my mind… (Heads up, there is some swearing… a lot of it.)

It was a rough cut. Honestly, I think I should do another episode that goes into the concepts behind this rant in more depth.

*Note: I never check my audio levels properly, so it’s a bit loud on my side. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.*

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