Don’t call it a comeback. Although I just might…


So, I just realized today that it’s been almost three years since I’ve written a post for this blog. Three years.

I remember, when I used to post here three to four times a day. Although it’s not like I haven’t been busy. A lot has changed, largely for the better.

  • I got married – Yep, I finally tied the knot with a wonderful woman named Karina. She’s a massive anime, gamer and sci-fi nerd (I met my wife playing Destiny 2 online. Totally serious. I’ll get into that story later.)
    • Almost just as important is that she’s a huge supporter of my racing, especially kart racing. She comes to the track, and makes sure that I’m eating well/drinking water, runs over my checklist for the kart, and is just a good person for me to talk to who just understands me.
    • Some of you might remember that I wrote an article a few years ago, (Man, it’s still weird to read that) about the importance of a good support system.  My wife is a huge part of that support system, as someone who not only will tell me the good things that I need to hear, but will also be critical when she knows my performance will be better.  I’m having a ton of fun with her at the track, and in the end, that’s what important.

  • Kartpulse – Recently, a large number of people that I’ve met have been because of Kartpulse, the karting forum that myself and James McMahon have spent a good amount of time on. We have about 1300 forum members, a nice little podcast, and about 12,000 followers on FB (where I’m a little meme-lord), which is a nice vanity metric for the internet.
    • If I’m honest, Kartpulse was originally one of the reasons that I put posting on the blog on hold. So much of the content I had been creating at the time was, and still is, largely karting focused for places like Kartpulse and Build/Race/Party. (Because karting is awesome, and you should be doing it.) So I didn’t want to confuse people by sending the same article in multiple places. After a while, that ‘little engine’ started to run on it’s own, so I started to put my attention in a few other places.

Kart Racing has been fun again! – So if anyone was around to remember, I was having the roughest time racing back in 2016. (My engines kept blowing up and I wasn’t having any fun.) Since then, I’ve moved between a few teams, and did some racing on my own for a while. However two years ago, I found Huggler Racing Engines based out of Tacoma, a TopKart chassis distributor and the North American Distributor for the PRD racing engines.

  • Working with HRE, via Doug Huggler, has transformed the way that I go racing.
    • Reliability has greatly improved as I’ve started to race the IAME X30, and I’ve really fallen in love with racing TAG. Doug makes sure that my engine and chassis are reliable, and performance has always been strong.
    • Doug has taught me the value of having a good operational plan when going to the track. Similar to the articles that I’ve written about how to prepare for a test day, Doug has made me implement those steps into the way I go racing. It’s helped me have a more consistent experience at the track, and better be able to identify what I need to focus on to improve myself. (I’ve won some regional races, was the class champion at my local club last year, and have been fighting at the front, much more often.)
      • Even if I’m not winning, working with HRE has taught me how to find ‘wins’ in development, as much as getting trophies.


So what what does this mean for the blog?

There are a few other things that I’ve gotten into, like a greater focus on my professional career, writing a few articles for Ross Bentley Speed Secrets, improving my fitness and getting involved sim-racing, that I won’t get into, all in one blog post.  (This post is already super long.)

To be honest, I’m not sure if I’m going to be posting here super often, but I’d like to start here more regularly.

When I first started, it was designed to be my way to create a my digital presence in motorsports, where I could pull most of the things I was doing in one place. I took some time off, because at the time, I had a ton of my plate, and I wasn’t really having a ton of fun.

(I can tell when I look back at some of the last posts before I took an unplanned hiatus that I was either frustrated, or just straight angry. I’m still not going to take those posts down though. It was a part of my life, and I learned something even during those times when things or people seemed to be working against me. )

That has totally changed. We’ll see where this leads me, but let’s not call it a comeback.

At least, not yet…

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