Three anime that get me psyched to go racing


As follower of my blog know, I love racing. I get inspired by many so many elements of motorsport. However, one of my hidden secrets is my love of racing animes and mangas.

There something about how them that make me just want to get into my kart and hit the track. So, since I was in the middle of binge watching through some right now, I wanted to share three of my favorite anime that inspire me to go racing.  So let’s get started with a classic…

Initial D

I don’t know many people who aren’t familiar with Initial D to some degree. I’ve been in love with it, since high school. It’s the mixture of the Eurobeat music, the characters, and the exciting plot that always get me fired up to go racing after watching a few episodes.

I’m such a fan of Initial D, that I incorporated the Fujiwara Tofu Shop logo into my helmet. (Actually, to be honest, the themes into my helmet are a mixture of the red of Char Aznable from Mobile Suit Gundam and themes of Initial D, but the point still stands.)

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It’s an anime about karting! I mean, what’s not to love! The story of Capeta is about a young boy and his friends who are working to making up through the ranks of karting, and eventually through the single seater racing world.

There is a scene when Capeta is trying to win the Japanese National Championships that almost gets me crying everytime. (See above.)

The series also has a manga, which has him going through Formula 3. I think it is an exciting read and always gets my blood pumping after a few volumes.



This one is lesser known by most people. It was a animated series, made for the Toonami block back in the early 2000s. It’s actually a mecha-racing series, about a team of pilots who are trying to survive in the top-flight of motorsport on a shoe-string budget going up against aces of the sport.

You’d wonder if giant racing robots are exciting? Trust me, they are.


So anyway, those are three anime that inspire me to go racing. (There are so many more racing anime, but I didn’t want this post to go on for too long.) What things inspire you to hit the track? Maybe listening to a particular music, or watching Formula 1 races? Get in touch with me in some way, and let me know. Maybe we’ve got some in common!

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