So I’ve been working on some karting data videos…


…trying to look like I know what I’m doing. 😛

So I’m excited for a new opportunity that I’ve been working on the last few weeks with AIM Sport. We’ve been developing some data analysis videos for using the Mychron5 and Race Studio 2. For those who aren’t aware, the Mychron/Race Studio combination is the system that a majority of competition karters use for data-logging and acquisition. However, the concept of data acquisition is a daunting concept for most people to take on.

What Roger Caddell, national training manager for AIM Sport, and I are working to do is to simplify people’s approach to looking at their karting data, so they’re more encouraged to start using it! We’ve already published a handful of videos, which are being released in the coming week. I’d love for people to leave comments either here on the blog, on the AIM Sports Facebook, or on the AIM Sports Youtube channel, if you have any questions about data acquisition or using Race Studio, so we can address it in an upcoming video.

I’m super grateful that Roger and AIM have let me jump on-board with this project. I’ve been really enjoying digging into this subject more over the last few months. I’ve written a few articles as well for KartPulse, which I’ll link below, because you know, shameless self-promotion is fun 😛

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