|Technique Video| Some tips about how to pass people

Overtaking is one of the most challenging parts of racing. Being able to set someone up, get in there and get the pass done cleanly. In my opinion, a large part above overtaking is about respect between the two drivers.

Can the overtaking driver give the guy he wants to pass enough room for them both to survive? Can the driver being passed position himself in a place that allows both cars to make it through the corner, even if they are fighting for the space?

The video above does a very good job about talking about the summary points of overtaking, so I’m just going to leave some key highlights below.

  1. You need to be alongside someone by the time they turn in, in order for a pass to be fair
  2. Try to always have an exit strategy when you go in for a pass.
  3. Learn your competition. Watch their habits and how they position themselves on the track to learn how to set people up.
  4. Race your competitors like you would like to be raced against. – “Do unto others…”

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