[TAGTeam] Part 2 – Find yourself a home track #theartofkart

This post isn’t going to be long, but the message is still important. -Find yourself a home track.


A home track is a track that you’re comfortable with that you know fairly well, and drive fairly often. Your home track gives you a place to build confidence as a driver. Mentally, you’ll have one location that you know that you’re quick, which allows you to practice mentally developing that confidence programming when you to go to other tracks.

As you start tuning and practicing, it’s important to have a control environment that you can easily notice and measure changes.  That way you can easily tell if a setup change has made a difference, or if changing your technique has made a section easier to drive.

Your home track also provides a place where you can practice some of the off-track basics, like improving the quality of your track walks, in a location that you can easily identify changes to the track environment.  You can also start making track maps, and recording onboard video, so you have a way to mentally be practicing your track, even if you’re away from it.

So, what’s your home track? Where do you go most to practice?


We took this map and added turn numbers, so that it’s easy to communicate where we are, and where we need to improve.

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