|Technique| Two Questions To Ask Yourself After Each Session


Hey Readers!

Been a while since I posted last, but wanted to pass along a quick tip I always use when I coach other drivers. It’s so simple, and really an effective way to monitor your personal performance. Simply put, I ask these two questions to my drivers after each and every session:

1) What’s one thing you felt you did really good in your driving? Such as consistent braking at the threshold, earlier on the throttle then you normally are, or even something like keeping your eyes up. You’re not looking for something big, just something small)

This question is great for when drivers have a terrible session. There’s always at least ONE thing your doing right, and it’s important to focus on the positives with your driving to keep from mentally destroying your day. I often encourage my drivers to discuss this positive thing with their peers, friends, fellow drivers, etc.

2) What’s one SMALL thing you feel you can improve on next session? The idea here is not to find a huge gain, and instead find a small gain to focus on. Most often with my drivers it’s something as simple as coming off of the brake pedal sooner on one corner, or opening up the steering wheel a bit when exiting a corner and allowing the car to track out a bit further. Remember, we’re looking for small gains, and if you focus on taking care of the small gains, it leads to a big increase in your driving.

Anyway, I hope you find these questions beneficial. I encourage anyone to try it!

-Kyle Keenan

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