What do you want to see on |StartingGrid| in ’15?


In 2014, I didn’t post on |StartingGrid| nearly as much as I’ve wanted to. Mostly, because I was focused on getting my feet stable in competition karting. I’m not upset with that at all, but I decided at the end of the year that I wanted to put more attention back into having fun with the blog.

I’ve been chatting with some people about some topic ideas that would be fun to write about, so below are some of my ideas.


    • Driver fitness posts: I’ve been working with a personal trainer to improve my fitness in the kart for the past year or so. James and I had been talking about putting together some articles that gave club racers some simple exercises to improve their fitness.
    • Driving coaching articles: I’ve started working with a few new and junior kart drivers again, and so it’s gotten my brain thinking about more technique articles.
    • New Street-Parked articles: That was a series that Bret Dodson worked on that I really liked. I’ve been talking to one of the photographers who take pictures for the blog, and we’ve been thinking about doing a version of our own.
    • Getting my conference racing Novice Race license: I’ve been working on an opportunity to rent a race car in order to get the seat time to get a Senior/Area licence in conference racing. I’ve got more details that I need to finalize, before I really start posting about anything, but it’ll probably end up here.
    • More karting videos with Chris Scragg-  See below. We’re thinking of other ideas, but we’ll see what comes out of it.

My brain is a bit fuzzy on what’s going to be coming up, but regardless of what ends up coming up on |StartingGrid|, it should be a pretty fun year. What would you want to see on the blog?

This is just a whiteboard post, but I needed to start somewhere. Leave me a comment or post on our Facebook, and maybe we can come up with some fun ideas. Figure this is a good of a start as any.



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